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Are you Pregnant? - Check your early Symptoms of preganancy

Early signs of pregnancy

how to know you are pregnant or Signs You Should Take a Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy is a beautiful and emotional journey to motherhood! Every pregnancy is different and special in its own way. A mother-to-be is always expected to intake nutrients and be healthy for a healthy birth.

The first few weeks of pregnancy are said to be critical. So early prenatal care is important for a healthy birth. Worry not! You can prepare yourself for this wonderful journey of motherhood by learning about the early signs of pregnancy also you can consult with the best gynecologist

6 Early Signs Of Pregnancy:

Missed period - One of the first and most common reasons for a woman to suspect that she is pregnant is a missing her period or late period. Sometimes the period can be delayed or skipped due to stress, diet, exercise, or certain medical conditions. So, how can you know for sure? You can take a pregnancy test until the week after your missed period for the most accurate result.

Changes In Breast - For some women, this is one of the early signs that they’re pregnant. Due to hormonal changes in the body, you will see certain changes in your breasts like swelling, tenderness, sensitivity, heaviness and darkening of the area around the nipple.

Cramping - You may experience mild or light cramping like the ones you get during your period. You will feel the pain in your lower stomach or lower back. This pain is due to a process called implantation - a process in which the fertilized egg gets attached to the wall of your uterus.

Increasing trips to the washroom - With the hormones working its magic to prepare your body for pregnancy, you will find yourself visiting the washroom more than you usually do! This usually happens when you are at least 6weeks into the pregnancy. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout your pregnancy!

Low Energy and Nausea - In the early days of pregnancy, the soaring level of hormones is to be blamed for unusual fatigue and nausea (morning sickness). Not just that, these hormones also make you moody and emotional.

Choosy With Food - When it comes to pregnancy, the best-known signs is aversion and craving for food. Sometimes, even thinking or smelling certain food can make you feel nauseated.


Check for these signs and if you find them, you should take a test right away! With advanced technology, the home test kit can give you an accurate result. Most test kits will give you an accurate result from the first day of your missed period while some newer tests are even more sensitive.