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A Better Life With Physiotherapy Clinic

In Physiotherapy clinic, A Physiotherapist assists you in restoring function and movement when somebody is impacted by injury, disease or disability. It is a medical profession that evaluates, analyses, treats, and attempts to prevent illness and disability.

A Physiotherapy center provides therapy which includes different treatment modalities like heat therapy, massages, electrotherapy, exercises, patient training, and guidance for treating a physical condition, ailment or deformity. Physiotherapy clinic in Navi Mumbai will prove to be helpful for you at any stage of your life.

Importance Of Physiotherapist In Panvel

Here are a few reasons to consult a good physiotherapist in Panvel:

1.Range Of Motion -

In case of a physical injury or a condition influencing your range of motion, physiotherapist in Panvel can help you in relieving pain and stiffness in your body,

2.Exercise -

Your physiotherapist in Panvel will allot various exercises to you to do at home between appointments. Without timely sessions it is possible that you may not progress to recover completely and might even worsen the situation.

3.Pain Management -

In many cases, both for pain from an accident or injury and chronic pain, physiotherapists in Kamothe can help with pain management which will in return help you to carry on with your everyday exercises, sports, and hobbies.

4.Neurological Disorders -

For patients who have experienced a stroke or have conditions like Parkinson's Disease, a physiotherapist’s help plays a crucial role in helping with correcting the damage. A physiotherapy center near me will assist you with mobility and working on weakness, to bring back full or partial strength and to prevent further deterioration of the condition.


Types Of Physiotherapies Given By Physiotherapists In Navi Mumbai

Physiotherapy is a vast system of medicine which has developed as various subspecialties, which facilitates the physiotherapists in Navi Mumbai to manage different conditions in a more effective and relevant manner. The following are the types of physiotherapies and their purposes:

  • Neurological Physiotherapy -
  • Neurological physiotherapy given at physiotherapy clinic in Navi Mumbai focuses on bringing back mobility and treating functional disorders which are caused due to nervous and neuromuscular systems like stroke, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, sciatica, aneurysm, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

  • Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy -
  • This sub-specialty treats the patients who have had cardiac arrest and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Best Physiotherapists in Navi Mumbai educate the patients about techniques of resistance training and specific types of exercises which can assist them with improving their life quality.

  • Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy -
  • This sub-specialty manages fixing the deformities and treating the problems connected with the human musculoskeletal system, which comprises curing the muscles, tendons, bones, joints, and ligaments.

  • Geriatric Physiotherapy -
  • This sub-specialty manages specific age-related problems like arthritis (joint pain), osteoporosis (delicate and fragile bones). Geriatric physiotherapists in Navi Mumbai guide old-age people about limiting specific movements which can cause pain, suggesting gait aides to help in increasing mobility and to minimize the pain by using different exercises.

  • Pediatric Physiotherapy -
  • Pediatric physiotherapists help in working on serious injuries, defects which are by birth, delayed physical growth or certain hereditary imperfections like cerebral paralysis. Physiotherapists in Kamothe use different practices with kids, which can support in providing strength to the impacted parts; subsequently working on the movement of those parts.

Physiotherapy Treatment Modalities Used at Matoshree Hospital

The best physiotherapists in Navi Mumbai at Matoshree Hospital uses various physiotherapy treatment modalities like:

  • Manual Therapy -Massaging the affected area by hands
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Therapy - Low grade current sent on the skin surface of affected area to relieve pain
  • Dry Needling And Acupuncture - Fine needles inserted to reduce pain in specific area
  • Magnetic Therapy - Electromagnets applied to affected area to limit the pain
  • Taping - Tape is used to lift the skin to allow lymphatic fluid to flow effectively
  • Stretches And Exercises -Patients are taught stretching techniques and exercises to help restore joint movements
  • Joint Mobilization -Manual therapy given at different speeds, amplitudes and depths to restore joint movement
  • Strengthening Programs - Programs educating patients about taking care of their physical health and to help them improve overall strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Rehabilitation - Preventive, corrective and strengthening exercises taught to patients to reduce disease
  • Diathermy -High-frequency electromagnetic currents used to cure various physical conditions
  • Hot And Cold Application -Use of infrared heat, hot packs, ultrasonic waves, diathermy, nitrogen spray, cryotherapy, etc. given by best physiotherapist in Navi Mumbai to reduce pain

Why Choose Matoshree Hospital for Physiotherapy?

Our skilled physiotherapists give one-to-one, highly-individualized therapy to each patient to help them recover from an injury and to improve overall health. High standards of care is what you will get at Matoshree Hospital. We will thoroughly assess your condition and give you personalized treatment resulting in faster recovery. We are committed to getting you better, faster!


1.What is the average time of treatment?

  • Physiotherapy aims at knowing the main cause of your pain. It focuses on long-term solutions to reduce pain permanently and naturally. However, in some cases, the assistance of a physiotherapist can offer quick relief from pain within just a few days.

2.What is the cost of physiotherapy?

  • We aim at providing our patients with physiotherapy treatments which are more pocket friendly. However, charges may vary on the basis of the type of therapy required. Home physiotherapy charges are slightly higher than the hospital rates. For long term cases we provide a concessional package price.
  • 3.What is the success rate of physiotherapy?

  • The success rate of physiotherapy depends a great deal on the patient’s willingness to recover fast and follow the physiotherapist’s advice and instructions sincerely.There are many success stories of patients showing great willpower and positive attitude and getting better with the help of physiotherapy.
  • 4.How many sessions are required for physiotherapy?

    • Every situation is different. Some clients need just two or three visits to a physiotherapist. However, some clients with cardiac arrest or brain injury may see a physiotherapist for some months or years. Our main goal is to provide effective and professional treatment to our patients which makes sure that they get a long-term solution to their problem.