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Painless Labor with Epidural Injection

Welcoming a newborn is an exceptional and remarkable journey for every expecting parent. The pregnancy journey seems to be very delightful, but it may not be the case for everyone. Starting from numbers of annoying problems that are not dangerous but may need some attention like morning sickness, backache, heartburn, indigestion, or constipation expecting mother has to go through all.

Giving birth should be a beautiful experience. But the possibility of delivery may make some women anxious because of the expected pain and distress. While some women breeze through giving birth, others find labor and delivery incredibly painful. Many women and families opt to receive epidurals - medication for pain relief - to have a beautiful and pain- free delivery experience.

An epidural injection obstructs the nerve signal accountable for the sensation of pain from the part below the spine. It's given through a catheter that runs through a needle injected into the epidural space encompassing your spinal cord. The catheter continues to be in the place to administer medication throughout labor and delivery. Suppose the mother wishes to get an epidural during pregnancy. In that case, the doctor evaluates the baby's health, type of pregnancy, and labor specifics to conclude whether to go with epidurals.

What are the Advantages of Having an Epidural during Pregnancy?

The choice of whether or not to use an epidural is a personal one for the expecting mother and family. Here we are listing the pros of epidural injection during pregnancy, so it becomes easy to decide.

Relief from Paine

Epidural is one of the most efficient pain relief methods throughout delivery and birth, and it has minimum side effects. It acts fast and can start to ease the pain within 10 to 20 minutes—women who have an epidural experience slight or no pain during labor and delivery.

Helps to Stay Alert

An epidural can help women stay alert and wide-awake to take an actual part in the birthing experience. If delivery by C-section is needed, an epidural enables the procedure to be pain- free and provide pain relief during recovery.

Allows Rest during Long Labor

Release from the discomforts of labor can benefit you in getting more rest. This is particularly advantageous if women experience long labor. Staying relaxed and avoiding pain contribute to a more positive birth experience.

May Help to Reduce Postpartum Depression.

As per a 2014 study, epidural use may lower the risk of postpartum depression (PPD) in some women. The other research states that having a pain management plan and its proper implementation reduces the PPD risk.

To know more about painless delivery and its benefits, women should consult with their gynecologist and discuss pain management with them. Painless Delivery facilities available at Matoshree Hospital, Kamothe.