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Your Baby Vaccination Schedule and Tips

Vaccination! Is it necessary? Well, the answer is Yes. Vaccination, also known as Immunization is the first and the foremost gift that a parent can give to their newly born. It is a gift of lifetime protection of their little one from the dangerous diseases that exist in this universe.

Every parent wants to do the best for their kids. A newly born kid is very delicate as their immunity is not completely developed. They are at a high risk of catching infections and diseases in the early years. To protect them from these infections, vaccination is a must!

It is difficult for a parent to watch their kids in distress while getting the vaccination shots, but it is vital to keep the deadly diseases at bay.Many maternity hospitals have their our vaccination center in Kamothe to educate the new parents and to provide timely shots to their bundle of joy. If you are still wondering why your kid needs the shot, we have laid down the reasons just for you.

Reasons To Vaccinate Your Child:

It can save your kid’s life - The vaccination shots help the body’s immune system to recognize harmful organisms and eliminate them. If not vaccinated on time, your kid can fall prey to serious illness and complications of vaccine-preventable diseases resulting in the removal of limbs, paralysis, liver diseases, brain damage, deafness and death.

It is effective and safe to use – Vaccines are made with utter care and extreme research by the experts. Vaccines are one of the top public health achievements and have reduced and even eliminated some diseases. They are very effective and are safe to use.

It protects people around us to – Vaccines not only immunize your kid but also help prevent the spread of infections and diseases. It protects others you care about, including your family members. Do your bit for the society by giving vaccination shots to your kids on time.

It can save your money – It is said that prevention is better than cure. Certain vaccine-preventable diseases can cause prolonged disabilities. This can take a financial toll on the family as well as a physical toll on the kid.

It can protect future generation – With vaccination, many diseases have been eliminated. With proper vaccination and continuous effort, many more diseases can be eradicated to protect the future generation.

Vaccination Schedule:

Vaccination chart Vaccination chart 1 Vaccination chart 2 Vaccination chart 3 Vaccination chart 4 Vaccines